Q&A with Isabella from 'Lets Talk Period, AU'

1. What drove you to create lets talk period?

I wanted a place to connect with others, share information which was reputable, as well as hold space for others to share stories which give honest insights into living with a chronic illness. When I was first diagnosed I had no idea about endo or adeno and felt so alone, and thought that I’d I could create content to help one person feel less alone and instead feel empowered and supported, then it would be worth it! So in March 2020, I started the podcast and now here we are! 


2. How did you discover that you had Endometriosis?

I was diagnosed in 2015 after a laparoscopic surgery (key hole surgery), and told I had both endometriosis and adenomyosis. This was after experiencing painful, heavy periods for years. 


3. What has your journey with Endometriosis entailed?

It was a pretty long journey, as I’m sure people with endo or adeno can also resonate with. It took from when I was fourteen to nearly twenty-one to get diagnosed. It involved seeing four specialists to finally get an answer and have someone listen to me and help me. I’ve had three laparoscopies and two hysteroscopies, and spent thousands on managing my conditions to ensure I can live life to my full potential. 


4. How often is endometriosis misdiagnosed ?

It’s hard to say, but pretty regularly. A lot of health professionals still don’t know about endo, or know enough about it, and there’s a lot of myths, misconceptions and misinformation out there, which just contributes to the diagnostic delays faced by sufferers who are just trying to get answers. 


6. How does it feel to know that your page is not only educating people, but also giving clarity to those with undiagnosed conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS?

Honestly, it’s just the best feeling. Knowing that I’ve made someone’s life a little less challenging potentially and giving them the tools to manage their conditions and live their life again is pretty special and I always pinch myself! 


7. Have any of your followers been successfully diagnosed after finding your page? 

I’ve had a few people message to say that they’ve been to their doctor to ask about endo or pcos and then had these diagnoses confirmed, which is amazing, because they said that they may not have been able to get answers, if it wasn’t for the podcast or instagram.

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