Period checklist – 10 simple things to do on your period for a feel-good flow.

Period checklist – 10 simple things to do on your period for a feel-good flow.

It’s that time of the month…

Hormones are low, energy is lacking, emotions are all over the place and cravings are to a new high!

No matter how many times you have had your period and regardless of whether you were expecting your flow or not, it is never predictable. It may last 3 days one month and then 7 days the next. It may come consistently every 4 weeks and then all of a sudden disappear for months on end. And even if you do typically experience a regular flow, the way you feel, both physically and mentally, is never the same, continually fluctuating on a day-to-day basis, and from one period to the next.

Our “time of the months” are typically narrated as the time where everything goes to shit. We are extremely moody and angry with the world – hating everyone and everything. And yes, whilst periods can certainly be an unsettling and painful time, they don’t always have to be. At Femmé Organic, we believe it is time to change this narrative, and help you discover ways to find comfort during your bleed. After all, it’s not going anywhere, so here are 10 simple things you can do to feel prepared, supported and empowered during your bleed:


  1. First things first, make sure to stock up on your favourite period care products

Regardless of whether you are a tampon advocate, a pad preferer or somewhere in-between, ensure to choose the products that will guarantee the most comfortable bleed. At Femmé Organic, we also advocate using organic cotton period care! It is soft and delicate on all types of skin, caring for ALL who bleed. 


  1. Get your “beauty sleep”

Hormone imbalances during menstruation can cause trouble sleeping at night. Ditch your screens at least 30 minutes before bed time, and try reading a book or meditating instead to ensure a well-rested night ahead.  


  1. Treat yourself!

If there was ever a time to give in to the cravings and indulge in something sweet, it would be now! Ensure to stock your pantries with your favourite treats, “guilt-free”, and give your body the comfort that it needs. 

Femmé Organic has also got you covered with some delicious recipes too! If you’re after something chocolatey, try our healthy hormone loving brownies. Or go nuts and try our PMS – peanuty crispy snacks or our vegan choc peanut butter rice bubbles. 


  1. Engage in some gentle movement

Your body is already under enough stress during your flow, so ease up on the high-intensity workouts. Instead, look for light, restorative movements, such as Yoga or Pilates, to help calm and relax your body and reduce any period cramps and pains. Your workouts might not feel or look the same during your period, and remind yourself that this is totally OKAY!


  1. Oh, and don’t forget about hot girl walks too!

Hot girl walks are for ALL people who bleed, even when we bleed, because periods are HOT. Contrary to its name, “hot girl walks” are symbolic of an act of self-care that puts YOU at the centre. You choose the fit, music, podcast, and location, and then you set the pace – taking it slow to unwind after a busy day or speeding it up to feel energised and refreshed.


  1. Be kind to yourself, and remember NO is an answer

Don’t expect to be able to operate at 100%. It is totally normal to experience low energy and productivity levels during your period, so limit daily tasks and allow yourself to do so. Say NO to heavy workloads and strenuous tasks, and instead, re-invest this time into looking after yourself. Even a little (self) TLC can go a long way!


  1. “Netflix and chill” – can be taken literally or not, your choice ;)

Nothing elevates mood more than that feeling of watching a feel good, oldie but a goodie film, no matter how many times you have seen it. Give your body the rest and recovery that it needs.


  1. The latest tea is tea/Sip tea!

Did you know that caffeine can actually worsen your PMS symptoms?

Whilst it may feel like a crime to give up your daily cup of coffee during your bleed, give herbal teas like chamomile, mint, fennel or ginger a try,

Even just reducing your regular caffeine intake can help relieve you from some of your period troubles.


  1. Reach out and reminisce

Feeling stressed? Anxious? Nothing going your way? Don’t go through it alone! Call a friend in the comfort of your own home to take your mind off things and reminisce on all the good times in life.


  1. Invest in an emotional support heat pack

Out with emotional support drink bottles and in with emotional support heat packs and hot water bottles! Scientifically proven to relieve period pain and discomfort, it will provide you with the support you need to get through the tougher times of your bleed.


At the end of the day, all you really need to do is work with your cycle, not against it! Listen to your body, and adapt your routine so that you can provide yourself with the care and comfort that you need during this uncertain and unpredictable time.


Go with the flow and follow these simple steps to feel good when you bleed.


Femmé Organic will be with you every step of the way!


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