Welcome to Femmé Organic, a company driven by a heartfelt belief that period care should be more than just a necessity. We're here to create a world where sustainability and empowerment go hand in hand, and it all began during the challenging days of the COVID pandemic.

As we witnessed the staggering impact of wastage on our environment, a spark ignited within us. We noticed a glaring absence of biodegradable and plastic-free options for period care, and that realization inspired us to take action. Our founder, a dedicated user of organic products, saw an opportunity to craft an innovative solution: an organic, paper-wrapped tampon.

With that tiny seed of an idea, Femmé Organic was born. Our mission? To weave a positive tapestry across the world, one that celebrates and embraces menstruation. We pour our hearts into creating sustainable and transparent period care products, guided by the principle that your well-being and comfort are of utmost importance.

To us, periods are not a burden or a source of shame. They are a natural and beautiful part of life, connecting us to the rhythms of our bodies and the cycles of the Earth. It is with immense pride that we offer you high-quality, innovative products designed to make your period experience more than just bearable—it should be enjoyable, empowering, and full of self-care.

At Femmé Organic, we are more than a company; we are a community. 

Join us on an extraordinary journey where sustainability and empowerment intertwine. Together, let's shape a better world—one where period care is not only gentle on your body but also nourishes the planet.

With heartfelt gratitude for choosing Femmé Organic,

Anabelle & Thomas XX