Who We Are

Welcome to Femmé Organic, a company driven by the vision to transform period care into a sustainable and empowering experience. Our journey began amidst the challenges of the COVID pandemic, where we witnessed the staggering impact of wastage on our environment, a spark ignited within us.

Our personal journey led us to notice a glaring absence of biodegradable and plastic-free options for period care. This realisation, born out of our dedication to organic products, inspired us to take action. We saw an opportunity to create an innovative solution: an organic, paper-wrapped tampon. And with that solution, Femmé Organic was born.

Our mission at Femmé Organic is to honour menstruation through sustainable, transparent care, emphasising well-being and environmental respect. We believe in transforming periods into a positive, empowering experience, offering high-quality products that align with the natural rhythms of life. Join us in celebrating this journey towards a healthier planet and a more enjoyable period experience.

Our ethos centres on celebrating menstruation as a natural, empowering aspect of life, intertwining well-being with eco-consciousness. We're not just a company; we're a community dedicated to enhancing your period experience while nurturing our planet.

Join us on a journey where sustainability and empowerment come together. Together, we'll build a better world where period care is gentle on your body and good for the planet. Let's create a future where care for personal health and the environment go hand in hand.

Thank you for choosing Femmé Organic,

Anabelle & Thomas XX