5 Ways To Nurture Your Skin During Your Menstrual Cycle

Taking care of your skin during your menstrual cycle is an essential. Hormonal fluctuations often lead to increased oiliness, breakouts, dryness, and heightened sensitivity.

However, with the right skincare routine and natural products, you can effectively nurture and maintain a healthy complexion.  

Let's explore a range of natural products that we personally love! These gems have been carefully selected to support your skin's needs during your menstrual cycle.

1. Konjac Sponge - perfect for Circulation & Exfoliation

2. Jojoba Oil - for Balance & Nourishment 

3. Antioxidant Rich Mask - for Protection & Hydration

4. Hydrating Toner - for Revitalising & Nutrition

5. Lip Balm - for Calming & Soothing


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