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Reusable Organic Regular Pad

Reusable Organic Regular Pad

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I'm here to support you during your medium-sized flow, day and night! Feel free to use me whenever you need, as I'm suitable for any time of the month. Plus, I'm reusable, making me a sustainable choice for your period care needs. Trust in me for reliable and versatile protection.

Ingredients & Materials

Organic Cotton: Crafted with care, featuring GOTS certified organic cotton for ultimate comfort

Optimal Absorption:Powered by advanced 3D fabric, I excel in absorption, keeping you dry and confident. While an average tampon holds 9-12 grams, I can absorb an impressive 58.1 grams of liquid

Anti-Leak Confidence: No more leak worries! Designed with an anti-leak layer and waterproof outer shell

Hypoallergenic Comfort:Sensitive skin? No problem. I'm hypoallergenic for irritation-free wear

Eco-Friendly:Wash and reuse up to 100 times! Embrace sustainability without compromise

How To Care For Me

1. Pre-Use Wash: To ensure I'm ready for action, give me a gentle wash before your first use.

2. Post-Use Rinse: After wearing, it's best to rinse me or let me soak in cold water before washing.

3. Washing Options: You can either wash me by hand or toss me in the washing machine. If you prefer, use a separate washing bag to keep me safe.

4. Temperature Matters: Machine wash me at a maximum of 40 degrees for optimal care.

5. Gentle Cleansing: Stick to neutral soaps for my maintenance. Please avoid chlorine, bleach, or fabric softeners, as they might harm my performance.

6. No Tumble Dry: Keep me away from tumble dryers, as they could alter my size and effectiveness.

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