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Femmé Organic

First Period Bundle

First Period Bundle

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There’s always a first time for everything - Whether you have just started menstruating, or know of someone who has, find comfort in our First Period Bundle.

Made with love, our First Period Bundle provides everything you need to navigate through this new and uncertain time. In your bundle you will find:

  • 3 period products of your choice (to best suit your flow)
  • Loving earth vegan chocolate (for something sweet)
  • First period booklet (to give you all the tips to periods, peridot)
  • Femmè Organic Tote Bag (to look cute, whilst you bleed)

First periods can be daunting but Femmè Organic will be with you every step of the way -Feel supported, empowered and informed during this time.

Find your Femmè with Femme Organic’s First Period Bundle.

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