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Femmé Organic

Essential Bundle

Essential Bundle

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Our Essentials Bundle does just this by providing you with the ‘essentials’ to make you feel supported and empowered during your time of the month. We let you choose your period care products so that you can experience the most comfortable bleed, regardless of whether you have a light, regular, or heavy flow; are a tampons advocate or pad preferer; or just need something to cover all bases. We even include something sweet to help you satisfy those sugar cravings and provide a healing remedy to help you get through those unpredictable pains and aches.

In your bundle you will find:

  • 3 period products of your choice (to best suit your flow)
  • Loving earth vegan chocolate (for something sweet)
  • Femmè Organic Tote Bag (to look cute, whilst you bleed)
  • Magnesium Spray (to ease pains and cramps)

Periods can be painful and unpredictable but feel prepared and pain-free with Femmè Organic’s Essential Bundle.

We re-imagine period care so that it makes you feel good and enables you to do good, essentially.

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