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Period Talk - Let's break the stigma & TALK

Being a co-founder of Femmè Organic really put my knowledge of women’s health and our periods in general to the test. From there I realised how important it was for me to understand it back to front, beyond my own first hand experiences. This realisation plunged me into a black hole of podcasts, articles, books, studies, and more podcasts over the past few months. If I’m being honest, the nature of period content, much like a period itself, is an emotional roller coaster. This information overload brought me from shock, to relief, and eventually to empowerment. I had to sift through a lot of bullshit to arrive at a positive conclusion where I feel equipped with the knowledge to help both myself and others. For women who have their periods already, as well as girls who are yet to learn the ropes, I’d love to share what I now know about navigating through what can be a confusing experience. 


During my last period I set a goal for myself to be open and confident about the whole process. As such a natural human occurrence, It’s bizarre I even had to make this a conscious goal??? But the longstanding stigma that surrounds periods is no secret, and if I was going to be at the forefront of Femmè Organic I knew I needed to be at the forefront of some overdue change. I have always been one of those women that hide their tampons when they go to the bathroom, making sure I always avoid that “gross” topic in front of people either on set at work or just men just in general. I didn’t want to make others feel uncomfortable but the reality is, it was never about them, nor should it be. This was one of the most universal cases of misplaced priorities I had experienced, and I was only just realising that. To be honest, sometimes I almost felt the need to pretend it didn’t exist altogether and frankly I'M SO OVER IT! 


It wasn't right that I had formed such a shameful attitude towards my period, to the point where it came hand in hand with pure stress. How am I going to approach work over the next few days? How do I act in front of my boyfriend or my male friends? How do I ask one of my girlfriends for a tampon without drawing attention from the guys? So many heart racing questions that have been filed under the category of ‘normal’ since every girl’s first period. I was shocked to find that 8 out of 10 women will go to these same lengths to hide their period, 70 percent of young Australian girls in our high schools today would rather fail a subject than have their class peers know, and women aged 18-24 are embarrassed to even PURCHASE period care products.


Don’t get me wrong, this is not to say that the males in my life were to blame for my struggles. We had all been taught how to feel about the topic from fateful year five sex education classes, and so the stigma lives on. The reality is, if our community doesn’t want to invest their energy into teaching us how to feel, at the very least, normal for what we go through then we must do it ourselves. If we don’t, the alternative route of shame in the face of our periods will live on even longer where it is simply not welcome. I have a natural born right to approach my period with confidence and so I am making a vow to provoke period positivity. 

To kick off your journey to do the same, here are my top tips for YOU:

  1. TALK ABOUT YOUR PERIOD. Tell someone how excited you are to get it!I have vocalised my excitement to Will non-stop leading up to mine, and he can definitely vouch for this lol. Get out of your comfort zone, you don’t have to go it alone! 

  2. I may be biased, but USING ORGANIC TAMPONS genuinely makes you feel and simply IS so much better for you, your body and the environment. Go get your hands on some Femmè Organic products and you will see. They are not only organic but sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable… and the cute packaging doesn’t hurt either ;).

  3. Having just had my period, I decided to follow a 28-day cycle biohacking plan by Dr Alisa Vitti. Let me tell you… I have never felt more happy, energized and confident in myself. I’ve just purchased her ‘In the FLO’ book and highly recommend it to all women. We as women go through a 28-day cycle which is broken up into four phases: follicular, ovulation, luteal and menstrual. At each point in the cycle our body needs to be exercised differently, and our sex lives and emotions need to be approached according to how we are feeling in that particular phase. Further to this, we need to fill up on nutritious foods that not only satiate and energise us, but allow the absorption of essential vitamins we may be lacking that week, potentially causing us to become stressed and tired! It sounds so crazy (and almost too good to be true) that you can actually feel good when you have your period? But believe me, you can. And you can also find all of this on her app! 


So I’m going to leave it at this; PERIOD POSITIVITY ONLY PLEASE AND THANK YOU !!!

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